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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

Why Your Remote Workforce Will Benefit From An Answering Service

When your business operates with a remote workforce, there are many moving parts to manage when it comes to business communications. Here is how a professional answering service like Midwest Answer can benefit your remote workforce and operations.


A Single Point of Contact

With your employees working remotely, each employee will have their own phones or VoIP systems with vastly different phone numbers in different area codes. This makes it especially difficult for your clients to reach specific members of your team. Don’t force clients to seek out or remember multiple phone numbers and contacts. With an answering service, they will only have to call your primary contact number, which can then be redirected to the intended contact based on the protocol you provide your answering service. Having a single point of contact streamlines communications and makes things much more efficient for your workforce and clients.


Nationwide Connection

Maintaining a unified and collaborative team climate is difficult when your workforce is spread across the country. If you have multiple offices across multiple timezones, it can be difficult for employees to communicate and collaborate—even with popular platforms such as Zoom or join.me. With an answering service, clients and employees can stop wasting time searching through directories. All they have to do is call one number and be instantly connected to whoever they are trying to reach.


Reduce Interruptions

If your remote employees receive frequent calls from current and prospective clients, this can consume large amounts of time that lead to interruptions in workflow. This is especially the case when clients and colleagues are directed to the wrong individual where the employee must spend time redirecting the caller to the right individual. An answering service can eliminate these interruptions because all calls are made to a singular point of contact and then instantly directed to the correct individual—effectively eliminating interruptions.


Maintain Positive Company Representation

Ensuring your business is being represented professionally is critical for your brand’s image. When clients call, you never want to give them the impression that you aren’t dedicated to meeting their needs. Having an answering service can ensure that all of your callers are provided a friendly and professional greeting and a protocol for handling different kinds of callers. Additionally, all calls can be monitored to ensure that your company is represented in the most professional way possible.


Save Money

Hiring a full-time receptionist or secretary for your remote workforce isn’t the most effective option for handling your business communications. Noth only is it another remote employee, but costs can add up when you factor in a remote technology stipend, a salary, and benefits. Not only is hiring a virtual receptionist more cost-effective, but they’re able to be on duty 24 hours per day, seven days per week, all year round to answer calls, take messages, forward calls, make appointments, and much more. You’ll never miss out on opportunities for meaningful interactions when they matter most, and neither will your clients.

These are just some of the ways your remote workforce can benefit from partnering with an answering service. Not only will your company communications become more streamlined, but productivity will also improve, and your business will be represented more professionally. Now is the best time to integrate an answering service into your remote business model, and we’re here to help. Give Midwest Answer a call today at 844-720-1115.