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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

From Surviving to Thriving Post Pandemic

The recent pandemic caused businesses one of the most significant shifts to date. With most of the country reopening, organizations across the US have recovery and growth at the forefront of their agendas. For many, that means moving forward with a new and more streamlined, and economical way of operating. This is causing many to explore the advantages of a phone answering service. 

How do you know if your business could benefit from an answering service? Here are the top signs.

You Want To Ensure a Personal Touch

An extended time of social distancing made providing a personal touch very difficult, so providing one now is even more important and valuable to your business. Your potential customers or clients want to talk to and interact with a real person and are far more likely to do business with one that provides that level of interaction, even by phone.

You Do Not Want to Miss a Call

Missed calls mean missed business. Studies show that 45% of calls result in a new inquiry. Having a phone answering service ensures every call is captured and those opportunities do not slip away. 

Callers are Not Leaving Messages

The phone is ringing, but people just aren’t leaving a message. It is a common problem that can devastate a business. The truth is, 69% or more of callers will not leave a message when they reach an answering machine. And with so many calls resulting in new business, that is a huge problem. 

It Could Help in Keeping Up With Demand

With the return to work, many businesses are seeing a huge increase in demand and are experiencing an influx of calls. Even if fully staffed, it is difficult to manage all of them and ensure each receives the proper attention. 

You Want a Cost-Saving Solution

A phone answering service is a cost-saving alternative to adding additional staff to your team just to handle phone calls. 

You Notice Your Team Having to Delay Answering the Phone

While it is not uncommon to have to put a caller on a brief hold while you handle a customer or client in the office, but extended holds or having waiting calls stacked up leads to miscommunication, dropped calls, and poor customer service. 

You’d Like to Improve Accessibility

One of the best ways to ensure business recovery is by improving accessibility. A call service improves accessibility by handling overflow and after-hours calls. 

Identifying and prioritizing revenue opportunities is more important than ever before. A professional live answering service is one of the most cost-effective tools businesses use to keep loyal customers and gain new ones. 


Trust the Leader 

Since 1974, we at Midwest Answer have been serving our customers and their callers with answering services that are professional, flexible, responsive, and always friendly. We provide answering services of all kinds and for all budgets, and more customized options for specialized needs such as medical answering service, legal answering service, and small business answering service.

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