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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

Why Real Estate and Property Management Need Live Call Answering Services Amid Real Estate Boom

As a real estate agent or property manager, you have to juggle the needs and requests of many clients around the clock in an efficient manner. It is a pretty tall order that requires massive organization and the right tools to accomplish the tasks. To keep up with the demands, many agents and property managers are turning to live call answering services. Here’s why.

Business is Booming

Low interest rates have real estate and property management businesses booming with unprecedented demand for property. With this boom has come significantly increased call volumes that many offices are simply not equipped to handle. By using a live call answering service, both real estate agents and property managers are able to handle every call in a highly professional manner.

Ability to Prioritize 

While attending to every call appropriately is a high priority, not every call has the same level of urgency and therefore not the same level of priority. Utilizing a live call answering service means that every call is answered promptly and relevant information regarding the call is noted, allowing property managers and real estate agents to prioritize call-backs. For example, for agents, a live call answering service can ask questions that reveal their readiness to buy or sell a home.

Expanded Availability

Today client and tenant expectations are that you be available around the clock. If you are serving another client or tenant and cannot get to the phone, they are likely to become frustrated. This is easily avoided by ensuring that their calls are answered promptly and that they feel heard and understood.

Emergency Calls Do Not Go to Voicemail

When it comes to managing properties, there is no predictability regarding when problems happen, and many of them happen after hours. Having a 24-hour live call answering service allows calls to be directed to emergency dispatch without having to wait for an answer. 

Increased Leads

In real estate, a miss call means a missed opportunity.  Having a live call answering service means you do not miss out on leads simply because you can’t answer the phone. 

Increased Productivity

In both real estate and property management, time is money. Having an answering service can free up the agent and manager to attend to necessary tasks and spend time where it is needed most. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When clients or tenants feel they can reach you at any time with their needs, it enhances their satisfaction with your service. This leads to quality referrals, customer retention, and an exceptional reputation. 


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