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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

Tis the Season To Consider the Benefits of a Live Call Answering Service

No matter the business or vertical, the holiday season impacts the company and its operations. Between increased clients, customers, and phone calls, businesses must manage increased or reduced operational hours, staff vacations, and much more. Here are some simple ways to use Midwest Answer to help manage it all and still have time to enjoy the holidays.

Managing Staff Vacations

Even with one person gone, staff can be spread pretty thin over the holidays. Usually, it means job duties get spread between several people. This can be even more challenging during the holidays as most businesses are significantly busier, and answering the phone alone is a full-time job. One way to help manage it is to use a live call answering service to address consumer calls, so the duties of the staff on vacation are more manageable. 

Increased Call Volume

No matter the industry, each year, the holidays bring a surge in call volume. In the service industry,  people call to find out about hours, closures, and availability. In retail, they need a location and store hours. The calls and inquiries are endless. Still, businesses must address each call or risk losing a long-term customer or client. Midwest Answer ensures that a friendly representative answers every call. 

Manage Holiday Hours 

Most businesses have a change in business hours, whether those hours are increased or reduced. This can mean the potential for many missed calls. Midwest Answer can answer after-hours calls and answer questions about holiday hours. 

Free Office Staff to Provide Support Elsewhere

Midwest Answer can also serve as an extra person dedicated to helping customers on the phone so that office staff can provide support in other areas, such as customer service. 

Time to Enjoy The Holidays

With the increased volume of sales, inquiries, and activity, it can be challenging to get away to enjoy time with friends and family. Added phone support means that every customer or client receives the attention they need and provides more time to enjoy with friends and family. 

Spread Holiday Cheer

Providing a warm answer is even more critical during the holiday season. But without support, it is nearly impossible to attend to every call, even with a typical workload. With a call answering service, every caller gets a real person, not an auto attendant, a chatbot, or a voicemail. Chatbots can’t spread holiday cheer. Midwest can. 

About Midwest Answer 

Since 1974, we at Midwest Answer have been serving our customers and their callers with answering services that are professional, flexible, responsive, and always friendly. We provide answering services for verticals and more customized options for specialized needs such as medical answering services, legal answering services, and small business answering services.

Phone calls are the lifeline of any business. Midwest Answer makes sure you never miss them. Call Midwest Answer today to find out how we can help you meet your business needs. 844-720-1115


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