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6 Reasons Every Chiropractor Needs a Professional Answering Service

6 Reasons Every Chiropractor Needs a Professional Answering Service

As a chiropractor, you spend countless hours devoted to patient care and practice management, and your work doesn’t end just because office hours are over. Even during your off hours, patients still have emergencies, questions, or want to set up an appointment.

Even during office hours, it is often necessary to juggle providing care and addressing phone calls. For every call that could be addressed with a quick visit to your website, another call with an urgent need is on hold or missed. It is the dilemma nearly every busy chiropractor faces and easily solved with the right support—professional call answering services for chiropractors.

Here are some important reasons every chiropractor should use medical call answering services.

You Do Not Have to Sacrifice Quality of Care
Every patient needs and deserves adequate time and attention. With a phone answering service, calls never have to take you away from providing care.

Every Caller Gets a Personal Touch
A professional answering service is trained to provide service as a warm and informed extension of your practice. Every caller gets a real person, without waiting, whether the office is open or not.

You Save Money and Increase Revenue
Using a professional call answering services saves you money in additional staff and allow current staff to stay efficient. You also increase revenue by capturing lost calls.

You Stay HIPAA Compliant
With the right answering service, you stay HIPAA compliant, protecting patient information. It also reduces liability with 100% irrefutable records of calls.

It Increases Patient Satisfaction
With no hold times and personal service, a call answering service also helps increase patient satisfaction.

It Protects Your Privacy and Personal Time
Having a practice means very little downtime or privacy. Using a call center for after-hours calls allows you the freedom to relax without having to provide your personal number for emergencies.


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