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6 Important Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back to Your Chiropractic Office

6 Important Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back to Your Chiropractic Office

In today’s highly competitive business environment, there is a constant struggle every chiropractic office must face– customer satisfaction. Those who can adapt will survive and thrive; those who can’t won’t. The good news is, the answers to keeping your customers happy isn’t complex. What do customers want? Great and consistent customer service.

Entrepreneur Magazine called customer service the most important metric in customer satisfaction. Why? Customers today have more choices and live in a more fluid society which translates into the tendency to switch loyalty fairly easily. However, what keeps customers is our demonstrated loyalty to them through customer service. This is true, too, for chiropractic offices. So, how can you keep patients coming back to your office? Let’s look at a few simple ways.

Always Have a Live Answer
Always have a live answer to your phone. One of the number one complaints customers have is when a call goes unanswered or to voicemail. With a live answering service, you capture those calls with a personal service that makes the patient feel as if you have carved out time just for them. Patients get the information and attention they want and are less likely to feel dissatisfied.

Remember Customer Details
Remembering details such as the customer’s name, important dates or events, or the names of their family members can make the patient feel welcome in your practice. Recalling important details makes them feel valued and important and more likely to come back to your practice.

Ask Engaging Questions
One way to make a customer feel valued as an individual is to ask them engaging questions. Jot down the answers to refer to later to show them you care about them personally.

Be Present
When you are with a patient, be present with them and not distracted by other things such as phone calls or other interruptions that can be avoided. Listen to them intently.

Ask How You Can Meet Their Needs
By asking what more you can do to help shows the patient that you are in their court and an ally and not just providing a service.

Make Follow Up Calls
Always follow up a patient visit with a quick and friendly phone call to see how they are doing after your services. Reaching out to them will increase the likelihood of them making return visits to your practice.

By implementing these simple tips you will retain more customers and increase customer satisfaction. To provide the best customer service and ensure phone calls are never missed, call Midwest Answer today! 844-720-1115