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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

Thinking Strategically to Improve Your Chiropractic Business

Thinking Strategically to Improve Your Chiropractic Business

If you are a chiropractor, you are both a healthcare provider and an entrepreneur. While patient care is always a top priority, business operations should be a close second in order to continue providing superior care. If you are looking to improve business operations, it is time to make concrete plans and start to execute them.

Here are some powerful tips on setting goals and executing them.

Categorize your Goals

Most practice goals can fit under two categories; financial and operational. In fact, most practices would say that they’d like improved practices and increased profitability. However, identifying those two broad goals is usually where most stop, and never actually achieve them.

Identify Gaps

Once you have a list under your categorized goals such as “increase the number of new patients” under fiscal goals, evaluate gaps in reaching that goal such as:

  • Little or no social presence
  • Missed calls
  • No live answer
  • Lack of referrals
  • Market Reach
  • Increased market competition
  • Lack of marketing

Think Across the Business to Address the Gaps

Having identified your large goals and how they relate to your gaps, take a look at how you can address them from every aspect of your business and processes. For example, if reaching new patients is one of your goals to increase profitability, address the identified gaps from all angles.

  • Operationally- Evaluate how you can improve phone processes. Make sure you have a warm live greeting, use a 24/7 live answer phone service for call overflow and off hours. Have a process for asking for referrals.  
  • Marketing- Identify your ideal patient population. Consider changing or expanding your marketing outreach. Get social. Stay consistent. Get professional marketing help.

Set Measurable Goals

Finally, attach measures to your goals. Instead of “boost social media presence” try making your goal specific, such as “run one online ad and post 3 times a week.” Instead of “miss fewer calls and provide a warm greeting” try “implement live phone answering service to capture every call.” Use a baseline to measure improvements and provide a guide for future changes.

If you would like to improve your profitability and operational processes, give Midwest Answer a call! We’re here to help fill in the gaps by providing a customized, professional, and live answer to all your calls. 844-720-1115