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Why First Calls Matter to Your Chiropractic Practice

Why First Calls Matter to Your Chiropractic Practice

In any chiropractic practice, attention to details matter– even down to the first call. In fact, that first call may matter a lot more than you realize. A survey conducted by the PH Media Group asked 2,234 Americans their opinions on customer service handling and it revealed just how important that first phone call can be. Fifty-nine percent of those participating said that if the first call to a company’s customer service line isn’t handled properly (including being missed), they will immediately move on to another business. This demonstrates the importance of making sure every caller receives top-quality live service.

How Customers View First Calls By Age

Customers of all ages expect a live answer when they call a chiropractic office and develop a negative perception when a call goes to voicemail. However, the level of importance of that first call and the response varies according to age.

Patients between the ages of 18 and 24 report being more tolerant to a negative call experience or missed call but over half at 54% would still move on to another business if they feel the business is unresponsive or unprofessional in their phone practices. Patients in this age group are also more likely to post negative feedback on online review sites such as Yelp.

If your practice skews to those 55 to 65, a live phone answer is even more important. Over 65% of respondents in this age range say that poor phone handling and customer service would cause them to not contact a practice again.

Top Reasons Live Answers Matter

Customers once accepted that a business would be available during regular business hours– typically from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It was expected that calls go to voicemail after those hours, or that a caller would be directed to call back during business hours. Today, however, the business world’s hours have expanded as has the expectation of 24/7 live answer support. In the same way, patients have come to expect easy 24/7 access to other businesses via mediums such as online chat, the same is true for phone communication.

The Huge Value of Answering Services

By providing patients and potential patients a live answer to each call, you improve satisfaction ratings considerably. A live answer makes it possible to communicate with new patients to provide the answers they seek and demonstrate your level of personal care and attentiveness. Having a professional answer to each call makes it possible for a practice owner to concentrate on providing care and meet other practice challenges in the most productive and effective way possible.


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