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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

What makes a great virtual receptionist?

And how Midwest Answer’s Virtual Receptionists fit the bill!

For customers, the receptionist is often the first person to greet them, whether that be in person or over the phone. First impressions are crucial, and a great receptionist provides a massive opportunity to increase overall customer experience and satisfaction. 

According to a 2023 survey, more than two-thirds of people said they would hang up if they couldn’t reach a live human while on the phone. That’s 67%. Additionally, receptionists assist with correspondence between businesses and customers, ensuring information is appropriately communicated. 

Midwest Answer’s Virtual Receptionists do all these things and more, providing the highest quality work as if they were physically present in your office. They will answer and screen your calls, take down messages, provide directions or essential information about your business, and even transfer calls to you or your colleagues. But what qualities do our virtual receptionists exhibit that makes them great?

An Aptitude for Multitasking

On your busiest days, you need to ensure that your receptionist is capable of handling a large number of calls coming through. At the same time that appointments are being made, messages may need to be passed on, and information may have to be recorded. Strong receptionists are constantly required to multitask without getting flustered. 

A Friendly and Sociable Attitude

The success of a great receptionist relies on a solid understanding of soft skills. This includes being friendly, understanding, and willing to help customers through their concerns and problems. A receptionist should be able to easily collaborate with your team while also understanding a certain level of human behavior to maintain the face of your company.

Organizational Skills

A good receptionist must be organized. As previously mentioned, juggling multiple appointments, directions, and questions is essential to being a receptionist. Therefore, receptionists are naturally inclined to flex their organizational skills often. Whether managing files or screening calls, the more organized a receptionist is, the better. 


An often overlooked trait, adaptability, is crucial to the success of a receptionist. They are constantly working with ever-changing dates and appointments and ensuring that those dates are tracked and correctly documented. 


Perhaps most important of all, a receptionist’s ability to communicate with customers and your team is crucial to your company’s success. A strong receptionist will be able to convey information clearly (in the event of giving directions or information about your company), speak clearly and loudly, and maintain a pleasant and professional demeanor throughout a call. 

Are you convinced yet? Consider ditching the robotic monotone of automated customer service and invest in Midwest Answer’s Virtual Receptionists. Increase customer satisfaction and elevate your company’s customer reputation. Learn more here.

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