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The Terrible, Horrible, Unmistakable Signs You Have the Wrong Answering Service

The Terrible, Horrible, Unmistakable Signs You Have the Wrong Answering Service

If you have an answering service for your chiropractic office, you know the potential value it adds to your business. Having a call answering service can help offload the time-consuming but very necessary and important task of answering the phone and providing outstanding customer service. However, not every call answering service lives up to expectations, and when you have the wrong service, chances are— it’s very wrong.

Here are the terrible, horrible, unmistakable signs you have the wrong chiropractic phone answering service.

Sign 1: The Answering Service Says “I’m Just the Answering Service” to Callers

One of the most important reasons you hire a live answering service is to have an effective way to provide seamless customer service, whether it is by capturing overflow or after-hours calls. An unmistakable sign you have the wrong service is when the service is unable to answer caller questions and says “I’m just the answering service.” The right chiropractic answering service will know the answers to commonly asked questions, such as business hours and location and satisfy the caller’s needs. 

Sign 2: They Can’t Provide Weekend or Holiday Service

Even though a business might be open only Monday through Friday, callers expect to have phone access even on weekends and holidays to answer questions and concerns. If your service takes weekends and holidays off, you have the wrong service. 

Sign 3: They Only Provide Service During Traditional Business Hours

We live in a 24-hour society and the ability to have a live answer even well outside of traditional chiropractic office hours has become essential to running a business effectively. In fact, 80% of callers will not leave a message if they do not receive a live answer even after hours, and even worse, 85% of callers will never call back. 


At Midwest Answer, we believe that a phone answering service is never “just an answering service”. It should always function as an extension of your business, 24/7/365. If you are looking for true live answering service support, call Midwest Answer today!