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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

AI is Just Not That Into You, or Your Customers.

If you own a business, providing efficient ways for customers to communicate with you is a top priority. Today customers reach businesses in several ways to get questions answered and help them decide which companies to choose, so it takes the perfect combination of accessible human customer service and online technologies. 

While customers want to be able to have simple questions answered via the internet by using chatbots and conversational AI, that’s where it ends. Users are overwhelmingly frustrated with clumsy conversations punctuated with “You wanted a,b, or c, correct?” ad nauseam only to infuriatingly answer questions they never asked. 

Chatbots are helpful for fielding simple questions quickly, but businesses that rely on them for more than that may find themselves suffering. 


There’s just no way to “simulate” real customer service, and the statistics prove it.

Recent reports from BrightLocal and many others show that over 60% of people prefer calling a business over accessing information from a chatbot, and 50% say they prefer a call with a live person, even for information found on the website.

The truth is, humans crave connection even in this internet-based society. 

But what does that mean for business? 

Providing that live connection gives your organization a competitive economic edge. 

It’s Time for a Reality Check

There’s just no way to replace human interaction with a customer, but businesses need to balance running the business with handling the phones. Too much time spent on one can cause other elements to suffer. 

That’s exactly why a live call answering service is so valuable. It provides a way to keep the customer connection intact while allowing you to focus on running the business optimally. Here’s why a live call answering service is better for business.

  • Customers prefer calling a business to get questions answered. 
  • The service is available even when you are not.
  • Trained operators answer as a knowledgable representative of the business.
  • Customers get a warm and accurate response without a hassle.
  • A live agent is friendly, responsive, and informative.
  • A trained operator can answer more complex questions.
  • Potential customers are more likely to convert when dealing with a real person. 
  • Humans can demonstrate empathy, a basic component of meeting customer needs. 
  • Live call answering services make your business available to those who may find technology challenging, whether because of age, differing abilities, or other barriers.

Differentiate your business with true customer service. For more information about live call answering and how it can help boost your business, call Midwest Answer today at 844-720-1115.

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