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PHONE: 844-720-1115 | EMAIL: info@midwestanswer.com

Top Ways to Grow Your Chiropractic Business With a Live Answering Service

The three keys to growing your chiropractic practice are making sound financial decisions, efficient operations, and great customer service. No practice owner wants their business to be only moderately successful but finding ways to satisfy those key required components can be difficult. Because it is a complex and serious issue, it is easy to overlook the simple solutions that are right at hand, such as smartly leveraging a phone answering service.

Why is an answering service vital to your practice? If your business is like most, your phone line is the lifeline to your patients so how you manage it is foundational to your success. 

Here’s how a live answering service can help you grow your business.

It Allows You to Scale Your Business Better

If you need to scale your business you have many expenses to consider such as additional equipment, space, and employees. You also need additional office staff to support increased patient calls and inquiries. One of the ways to manage those costs while not sacrificing in phone support is by using a phone answering service. A live call answering provides the support you need without the cost of an in-house employee.

You Never Miss a Potential New Patient

A live call answering service such as Midwest Answer can handle overflow and after-hours calls so potential patients never slip through your fingers. Those calls are captured and according to your protocols, forwarded to you or generate alerts to the nature of the call.

You Maintain Utmost Professionalism and Credibility

In growing your business you often have to reach more patients outside of your immediate area, so it is vital that your business demonstrates the utmost professionalism and the ability to handle the scope of their needs. A phone that goes to voicemail stating hours of operation won’t cut it with a potential customer that expects extended, if not 24-hour access.

A Professional Answering Service Adds Value to Your Service

Patients today have more choices and are more discerning than ever. If they feel a business is not being friendly, accessible, and responsive they simply move on. A professional answering service does more than answer calls, they help meet patient needs courteously and professionally, adding the value customers seek.

Increase Internal Productivity

Having a professional answering service means that your in-house staff isn’t divided between critical tasks. This increases productivity and profitability. 

You Can Handle More Calls

Every call holds potential to your practice, and with a professional answering service on your team, you can answer more calls with little wait, funneling all of that potential back into the business. 

Serve More Patients

With the staff freed from the phone, they can serve more patients, even better. This, of course, is essential to growing your business.

No matter how great your chiropractic expertise, if your customer service fails the business fails. Midwest Answer is your answer. Call us today to learn more. 844-720-1115